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How to trim a video for free

CreatorKit makes it super easy to trim any video. Our free online video trimmer tool is designed to trim any video quickly, in minutes, and without an account. Just upload your video, and trim away.Oh, and it's completely free!

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Upload your video in any format: MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, WebM and many more.

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Use our trimming tool to trim your video quickly and easily. We designed it so you can trim your videos in just a few minutes.

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Download your video for free, optimized for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok!

Useful applications


Trim a video without
downloading an app

Designed to run on both Android and iOS devices, add your logo in seconds without downloading an app.

Cut a video from YouTube

Take a YouTube video and chop it in just a few minutes to get the part that you want with this free trim video editor.

Cut a video for your
Instagram Account

When you upload a video using the Instagram website, trimming your video is not possible. Use CreatorKit instead!

Platform features

Best online video trimmer to cut any video 100% free. No registration required and no experience needed. Become a pro video editor in just a few minutes and spread your magic on any social media network you want.

Easy video cut

An online video trimmer tailored to your needs. No account. No expensive memberships. No hassle.

100% online

No installation needed, nothing to download, no secret extension to make it work. An online video trimming platform.

Trim video for free

Register? Nobody has time for that. Trim any video and download it for free.

Cut any format

CreatorKit is designed to chop your video regardless of its format, MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, WebM and more.

Secure processing

Your data is protected with industry-standard security measures. We delete videos after processing them.

Designed for speed

Trim your video in minutes. We designed our video trim tool with speed in mind.

Trim video online tutorial

Check out how simple it is to trim videos online with CreatorKit! You can trim a video in under 1 minute, just like we did on the video below.

Why choose CreatorKit?

CreatorKit is a video platform designed for anyone who wants to create high-converting videos. Some of the features that make us different include:
  • Animated text styles
  • Hundreds of video templates
  • Smooth video transitions

But wait, there's more!

CreatorKit is a lot more than just a tool to add images to your videos. Here are a few other features we think you might find useful!

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